Typhon Update 5

Shipping Update

Unfortunate news to deliver again. Covid has delayed Bafang further than they initially anticipated. The latest ETA for the batteries shipping to us is mid July. I’m really sorry for this additional and ongoing delays. It’s unfortunately completely out of our hands.

On the positive side, the additional time we have is allowing us to optimize the bike, refine motor tunes and suspension setups.

VMG bikes Typhon on Sam’s Bikes Youtube Channel

For those of you haven’t seen this yet, check out this dream build Sam has done from a Typhon frameset. We know Sam has been super busy, but a little bird told me he will be doing his initial shake down ride and video very soon.

Greg Cannon talks about some of the component selection

As we’ve mentioned, Greg has been involved in the Typhon project as a design consultant. In this video he talks about some of the component selection on the Enduro build, and his impressions of them.

Book in a Demo

We recently had a demo day at the Garigal Gorillas dual slalom race day. Great conversations and feed back from test riders. One test rider even said he was going home to sell the E MTB he’d recently purchased, so that he could get a Typhon 😊

The trails in Sydney are opening up, get in contact if you’d like to book in a demo ride. We’ve got 2 x Enduro spec, and 1 x Trail spec available to test.

Bafang Factory VR tour

Bafang is one of, if the not the largest manufacturer of E bike motors and systems in the world. This VR tour of the Bafang factory is really interesting. It’s a large complex, and it’s great to see inside of the workshops, production lines, R & D labs and test track.

Click on the image to open up the VR tour in a new tab

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  1. Thanks for the latest update Chris and we all know the Typhon is well worth the wait and it will be here when it gets here…

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