The New VMG Typhon

The first Enduro E MTB developed in Australia, using expert craftmanship, design and engineering from around the world.

The Typhon is built to our own unique design in our own tooling using high quality Japanese carbon fiber. The modern and aggressive design, suspension kinematics and completely up to date geometry inspires confident riding.

The unique design challenges of an E MTB such as keeping the chain stays short, active suspension for climbing, yet good mid stroke support and bottom out resistance all while fitting 160mm of silky smooth travel, meant designing the overall package required many iterations to get just right.

Key Features

Frame Material: Carbon
Travel: 170mm/160mm
Motor torque: 95 Nm
Battery: 840 Wh
From $6,600 AUD

Extraordinary Suspension

Thanks to extensive kinematic analysis, we’ve achieved the improbable, buttery smooth active suspension, solid mid stroke support and a bottomless feel.

The Typhon utilizes the tried and tested four bar linkage which means reduced bearings in the linkages for more reliability and less bearing maintenance. A vertical rear shock layout reduces side loading and wear on the rear shock


The frame has been tested at loads of 70 – 80% higher than required for ISO 4210 for both strength and fatigue, no shortcuts have been taken with this frame.


The Typhon is powered by the new magnesium-cased Bafang M510 48V, which offers 95nm of torque, 20% more power, and 0.5 kg less weight than the previous generation. An integrated brake rotor/dropout speed sensor streamlines the package for a more reliable and cleaner look. (Optional Bafang M600 motor for some regions)


We designed our battery compartment to be quick release for charging, storage and travel.

Battery power is a whopping 840 WH from a genuine Bafang BT25 battery.  On average at least 10% higher than most other E MTB.  This huge capacity lets you explore further and climb the steepest hills knowing you have plenty of range in reserve.

VMG Typhon in 4 build options

The Typhon comes in 2 build levels, Trail and Enduro, as well as a Frameset and Custom build options. The Enduro is available in 3 component levels from standard to premium build.

VMG Typhon Trail

The Trail build of the Typhon uses lighter duty components, which gives the bike a lighter more playful and agile feel. The New Typhon Trail is available now!

VMG Typhon Enduro

The Enduro build is great for bombing down aggressive technical terrain. There are 3 build kits available Enduro, Enduro Coil and Enduro Ultimate ready to be shipped now!

VMG Typhon Frameset

Upgrade your old ride, or build your dream bike yourself. The Typhon is available as a frameset, including the motor, battery and controls. The Typhon Frameset is available for shipping now!

VMG Typhon custom

We can build a custom Typhon just for you. Pending parts availability of course. Complete our customisation guide, with exactly what your dream and we will provide you a quote to bring it to life.

Typhon updates

Australian designed VMG Bikes celebrates one year of going strong and growing in worldwide popularity.

VMG Bikes celebrates one year of going strong and growing in worldwide popularity.

VMG designed a bike that is unique to the global market.
VMG e-mtn bike with red graphics

Typhon Update 7

Bikes have Arrived!!! Social media competition Bafang announces new mobile app and IOT module

Typhon Update 6

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