VMG typhon

E-Mountain Bike

Available August 29, 2022

E-Mtn Bike VMG Typhon - Sydney

Power your Adventure

The VMG Typhon is the first Enduro E MTB to be developed in Australia, and it’s packed with performance features. With a carbon fiber frame that’s built to our own design, using high quality Japanese carbon fiber, this bike is designed for serious mountain biking. Whether you’re hitting the trails or racing against the competition, the VMG Typhon will power your adventure.

Typhon updates

Typhon Update 6

Shipping Update Sams Bikes Review Battery Charging update Heavy Duty Bashguard New Builds New Graphics
VMG Typhon E-MTN Bike

Typhon Update 5

Shipping Update Sams Bikes Youtube Channel Greg Cannon talks components Demo Days Bafang Factory VR tour

Typhon Update 4

Shipping Update Greg Cannon First Impressions VMG Typhon in the news Miranda Cranks Edgetech Protection VMG Typhon Colours
Picture of Bafang motor

E-Bike Service & Maintenance

Just like any regular bike, your e-Bike is going to need routine maintenance to keep your bike running smooth.


The first Enduro E MTB
to be developed in Australia


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