Typhon Update 4

It’s been a while since our last update. Some great updates, and some unfortunate news.

Shipping Update

I’m just going to rip the band aid off and let you all know upfront. We hoped this wouldn’t happen, but inevitably it has. We’re really sorry to say there have been further delays due to the pandemic. With Bafang in proximity to Shanghai, and the very strict lockdowns in Shanghai, this has affected the delivery of our M510’s, M600’s and components. At this stage we are expecting them to be ready to ship to us late May/early June. We’ll keep you informed as this situation evolves.

Greg Cannon First Impressions

I’d just finished building the latest production samples, and with Sydney experiencing its wettest ever Summer and Autumn on record, it was time to rush down to Thredbo for closing weekend, where Greg was able to put the VMG Typhon through it’s paces.

Greg tested all aspects of the bikes handling, how it would react over different terrain, through corners, and different riding and body positions on the bike. Really happy to say it got a big thumbs up from Greg. The first thing he said to me after riding the bike “It’s an absolute belter, you could not have hoped for a better result”

Here’s a video of Greg’s first impressions once we were back in Sydney. We have more videos of Greg talking about different aspects of the bike coming up.

If you haven’t read through all of our updates, Greg, our local suspension and all around bike guru, provided a lot of input to the development of the VMG Typhon. Here’s an article which was written about Greg’s background and what he does. Cannon Shockworks

VMG Typhon in the news

Keep an eye out for this frame. Excited to say there’ll be build and review by a well known E MTB’er coming out in the next few weeks.

Miranda Cranks Shipment Arrived

Bafang provide either 170mm or 150m cranks for their motors, unfortunately 160mm has become the crank length of choice for most E MTB riders. The reasoning for this is, an E MTB has opened up the ability to ride up steep and technical climbs, you need more clearance to prevent pedal strikes, yet you still need a stable platform to stand on and pedal.

I searched for almost 2 years to find the perfect set of cranks for the VMG Typhon. Contacting many manufacturers’ with out luck.

Eventually a miracle happened, and Miranda bike parts told me they were now producing cranks to fit the Bafang spline, and they would be able to provide OEM cranks to me.

This is what Miranda have to say about the Delta crank which comes on the VMG Typhon

Miranda’s award-winning Delta crank is manufactured through a proprietary cold-forging process with cutting-edge metal processing technologies. A dedicated engineering process to eliminate weak points by distributing loads is seamlessly applied to produce a lightweight crank without compromising its exceptional resistance to fatigue and high-impact stress.

Miranda was established in 1940, and have been building bike parts since 1950. They have been building e bike specific components since 2012, and they have their own team on the E EWS where they test all of their components.

EDIT: By shear co-incidence EMBN just released a story about Miranda, really interesting to watch

Edgetech Protection

After pulling an all nighter, Ryan still took the time to put the finishing touches on this frame.

We have partnered with our local frame wrapping company Edgetech Protection.

Edgetech have developed both a DIY kit, and a full custom wrap which can be installed before we assemble your bike, or ship your frameset.

These wraps have been developed directly from the CAD files of the VMG Typhon, so you know they will fit perfectly.

Soon, you’ll be able add either the DIY or pre-installed kit to your VMG Typhon order.

Colour Choices

As Henry Ford said “You can have any colour, as long as it’s black”

But, we do have a great selection of logo colours for the bike. You can choose from these metallic colours: Silver, Rose Gold, Blue and Black.

Protect your graphics with Edgetech Protection, and your VMG Typhon will always look awesome on the trails

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