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Finally the day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. I’ve been lucky enough to see a preview, and I’m stoked with the outcome. I hope you all like the review as well. If you could all do me a favor, and watch and share the video, as the the more views it gets, the more YouTube will suggest it to other people.

Shipping Update

Finally I can say the frames, motors and components have shipped. The ship sailed on the 1st of August, with approximately 11 days sailing time, and then up to 10 days clearing customs once the ship has reached Sydney. I have come to expect the unexpected so I’m going to say it will be a little longer than those supplied estimations.

Although we had had planned for the batteries to ship with the frames and motors in our own container, due to complications, we weren’t able to ship the batteries together. Consequently the batteries are shipping in 2 days time, with an expected travel time of 15 days. Again let’s not count our chickens just yet….

Battery Charging Change

Right when all of the frames had been completed, we found out from Bafang that they had changed the position, shape and specification of the charge port. We worked really hard to find a solution, but there really was no good way to retro fit the new charge port to a composite frame without risking structural integrity. We took the decision to repair the holes where the old charge port would have been, and then have the frames painted. Structurally this is not an issue, as the frame had been reinforced for the old charge port.

This means that the battery will have to be removed for charging. Fortunately it only takes a turn of a key, and flick of a lever to remove a battery. We understand this will not be ideal for everyone, but we really had no other option. We’re working to have all of the tooling modified for future shipments of frames.

Here is a video demonstrating removing and installing a battery.

Heavy Duty Bash Guard

We’ve developed a heavy duty bash guard. It is moto inspired and made from 4.5mm HDPE. It will be an optional upgrade at time of complete or frameset purchase. There’s nothing wrong with the standard bash guard, but if you’re the type of rider that smashes into rocks regularly, we’d recommend this upgrade

Upgraded Bashguard

Two new Enduro builds

We’ve just added two new complete Enduro builds to the website. Although availability will be September/October depending on when the components arrive. There is also a very limited number of these builds.

Typhon Enduro Coil build

The change to this build over the regular Enduro build is the use of the new Suntour Durolux 38 fork and the Suntour Vorocoil rear shock. These have both been in development for sometime now, with them being spotted underneath some of the pro teams at the race track.

Typhon Enduro Ultimate build

As the name suggests, this is an Ultimate build. Coming equipped with a 2023 Zeb Ultimate fork, 2023 Super deluxe Ultimate rear shock, Magura MT7 brakes, and i9 Enduro 101 wheelset. If you want a top end build, this should satisfy you.

New Graphics

We’ve been working with our local graphic designer Bunny Hop Cycling on some new branding and graphics for the frames. Really happy how it’s turned out, and you can order your Typhon with any color logo from the 3M vinyl range. Over time we’ll also have some patterned vinyl’s available

You can also custom your own patterned vinyl for an extra fee, or even do a full wrap of the frame, covering every surface with your choice of color or pattern. Get in touch if this is an option you’d like to explore.

We can also offer custom frame painting by Bunnyhop, if this interests you let us know.

Here are images of the new graphics. Apologies, I haven’t been able to get proper photos yet, but it will give you an idea of where we’re going.

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