VMG e-mtn bike with red graphics

Typhon Update 7

Bikes have Arrived!!!
Social media competition
Bafang announces new mobile app and IOT module

Typhon Update 6

Shipping Update
Sams Bikes Review
Battery Charging update
Heavy Duty Bashguard
New Builds
New Graphics

VMG Typhon E-MTN Bike

Typhon Update 5

Shipping Update
Sams Bikes Youtube Channel
Greg Cannon talks components
Demo Days
Bafang Factory VR tour

Typhon Update 4

Shipping Update
Greg Cannon First Impressions
VMG Typhon in the news
Miranda Cranks
Edgetech Protection
VMG Typhon Colours

TYPhON Update 3

The Goat stage race
Wheelsets have arrived
Demo days coming
Shipping update

Typhon Update 1

Firstly thankyou to everyone who subscribed to the Typhon updates, we’re so excited and grateful for the interest that is being shown. Since our announcement before Christmas, we’ve been busy riding our local trails, putting the production sample through it’s paces and chatting to riders we’ve met out on the …


E-Mtn Bike VMG Typhon - Sydney

VMG TYPHON Development

During the last few years there has been much discussion about the demand, supply, and high prices of mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes. We often got asked, could VMG with their manufacturing and design expertise, manufacture a premium E-MTB that could be made available to everyone? After some investigation …