Typhon Update 7

The Bikes have Arrived!!!

We’re so excited to announce frames, motors, batteries, chargers, suspension and components have arrived into our warehouse.

Thankyou for the patience shown from all of our pre-order customers, we know it’s been challenging through the multiple delays, and changes.

The first frames have already been to our graphics partner, Bunnyhop Cycling, and on Monday they will go to Edgetech Protection to have their frame protection applied.

Full builds and framesets will begin shipping out next week.

Social Media Competition

Get your Typhon on social media. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube/Youtube channel or any of the other social media or video platforms.

Tag or mention #vmgbikes and #vmgbikestyphon and share it to our VMG bikes Facebook page. Each month for the next 6 months we will reward our favourite post or video etc.

Bafang announces New GO+ mobile app and IOT module

At Eurobike 2022 Bafang announced the IOT module and GO+ mobile app. Together these will allow motor tuning, over the air upgrades, and security amongst many other new features.

It isn’t available yet, but when it is we’ll be able to help you add it to your existing Typhon or add it to new Typhons as an upgrade.

Here is the press release: