VMG Bikes celebrates one year of going strong and growing in worldwide popularity.

we collaborated with experts from around the world to design and build a high-performance enduro electric mountain bike

The bike stands out as the first and only Australian-owned and designed electric enduro mountain bike, showcasing VMG
Bikes’ commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship. Not surprising from a company whose purpose stands for Velocity Made Good, driven by making every ride the best performing ride from A to B.

VMG designed a bike that is unique to the global market. Knowing what many mountain bikers crave, something that is confidence inspiring to ride, that pushes you further with its unexpected performance, and importantly that you can fully customise your build. It makes VMG a smart buy.

Watch this exclusive video by VMG Bikes, offering an in-depth look at the inspiring journey behind the creation of the Typhon. Delving into the design process, engineering innovations, and the tireless edication that went into crafting this exceptional electric mountain bike.