Typhon Update 1

Firstly thankyou to everyone who subscribed to the Typhon updates, we’re so excited and grateful for the interest that is being shown.

Since our announcement before Christmas, we’ve been busy riding our local trails, putting the production sample through it’s paces and chatting to riders we’ve met out on the trails. If you see us on the trails, don’t hesitate to stop us for a chat.

The most exciting news over this period is that we are one of the first in the world to receive the new Bafang M510 motor, and then have it installed on a bike.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this motor since it was announced at Eurobike. It seems like Bafang has been listening to it’s customers because the early announcement about the motor included the use of a Magnesium casing, 0.5kg lighter and 20 percent more power.

I can say that they have exceeded our expectations for this motor compared to the older M500. Weight wise it is actually 0.5kg lighter than the M500. I’d say power is in excess of 20 percent higher, with a much wider power and torque band, which has made the power more accessible and easier to use.

I ride regularly with a buddy on a Brose powered bike. He is approximately 10kg lighter than me. With an M500 (250watts 95Nm) he would ride away from me on a steep fire road climb, with an M600(500watts 120Nm) not surprisingly I would be able to ride away from him. The new M510 (250 watts 95Nm) allows me to ride away from him, just not quite as quickly as with the M600. It really doesn’t feel like a lot less power than the M600.

Impressed with this new motor is an understatement. We were hoping for a little more power than the M500, but what Bafang has delivered has blown us away. Power wise we think this new motor has to be close to class leading, we can’t wait for more of you to try this motor in our new frame.

We’ve asked Bafang to smooth out the power delivery a little and they’ve already had new firmware sent to us. I’ll be riding it as soon as the weather clears up, and then we’ll report back here.

I’ve been out and got some screen recordings on the Bafang Go App of the power and current draw of the M510. I’ve had to do several runs up a small steep hill to get the readings as current and power cannot be displayed at the same time. As I felt the M510 is delivering really good power, 810W is the maximum I have on the recording, and 15.46 Watts for the current. Granted these don’t match up, but as I said, I’ve had to do separate runs to get the readings. Nevertheless, this is significantly higher than the M500. What’s most impressive is that the power and torque is available over a much wider cadence range.

If you’ve got any questions about the bike or you’d like to arrange a demo, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at [email protected] or via any of our social media channels.

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