Typhon Update 2

Here’s our second update, thanks to everyone that is following. There’s been lots of interest in the Typhon, a huge thanks to everyone that has already ordered complete builds and framesets.

We have received our battery test rig, which is made up of a Grinspector battery test station, Satiator charger, and a resistor load bank. This rig allows us to test every single battery for each Typhon and provide a test report with each bike with a total discharge, energy, voltage, resistance and discharge curves. This is going to ensure all of our customers get a battery which won’t let them down. Our production sample 820Wh battery which we have been riding for the last few months delivered an amazing 847Wh, range anxiety is going to be a thing of the past.

We’ll be testing this battery and the Typhon later this month at “The Goat” 4 day stage race in Bright. We will comfortably make the 43km and 900m of climbing on Day 1, but at race pace and higher power settings you can quickly drain the battery, so this extra capacity will come in very handy.

Our shipment of tyres have arrived!!! These Maxxis tyres are like black gold, we’re so glad that we can spec the most popular aggressive riding tyres in the world on the Typhon. As we all know demand is so high for these tyres, so we have had to change the tyre specification slightly, but this is a positive, as now we end up with a lighter but still very durable tyre package.

Rear tyre on both Trail and Enduro builds will be the 27.5 x 2.40 Maxxis DHRII 3C max terra TR DD

Front tyre on the Trail build will be 29 x 2.5 Assegai 3C max terra TR EXO

Front tyre on thre Enduro build will be 29 x 2.5 Assegai 3C max terra TR EXO+

We’ve got our Microshift Advent/Advent X drivetrains in stock waiting for the frames to arrive.

Microshift are an OEM who have been manufacturing drive trains since 1999, and over the last few years have released their own performance group sets.

The Trail build receives the Advent 9 speed group set, whilst the Enduro build receives the Advent X 10 speed group set. We believe there are many advantages for 9 and 10 speeds on drive trains, amongst these are stronger chains and cassettes which are perfectly suited to E MTB

We’ve been testing these group sets for the last 2 years on everything from a 1000W 120Nm BBSHD Mid-drive monster bike, through to the Typhon prototypes and samples with the 500W 120Nm M600 and 250W 95Nm M500/M510 motors. Without a doubt these group sets have delivered great performance and durability.

Lastly if you’re in Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’d like to see the Typhon up close, or even arrange a demo ride.(if this rain ever stops) We’re also at most Garigal Gorillas Wednesday night 5’ver rides

We are trying our best to schedule a few days down at Thredbo for the Cannonball mountain bike festival. Get in contact for a demo, and hopefully we can make it happen.

As mentioned earlier we’ll be at the “The Goat” 4 day stage race in Bright Victoria from 24 – 27 Feb. Let us know if you’re going to be there and want to get a look at the Typhon.

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  1. I’m very impressed with the thoroughness you are putting into the development of the Typhon Chris and this battery validation rig further demonstrates your desire to bring to market a bike that will go head to head with any bike in it’s category!

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