GPS Tracker

$180.00 AUD

Secure your e-bike with a GPS tracker. It is the best way to track your e-bike 24/7! VMG will install the GPS tracker in a hidden location on the bike upon purchase.



Solid GPS is an Aussie-Built tracker you can place inside your e-bike.

Your tracker comes with everything you need to get started from the charging cable to your very own 4G SIM card (which goes in your tracker, not your phone).

We install the 6 -12 month battery option hidden inside the bike.  We’ll also install a USB cable, which can easily be plugged into your bikes display when the GPS requires charging.  Your Solid GPS App will notify when a charge is required.


  • 6 -12vmonth battery life
  • You’ll be alerted 24/7
  • Tracker sim card uses Telstra/Vodafone on the 4G network for a fraction of the price.
  • Low monthly or yearly subscription is required of $6.99/mo or $69.99/yearly, which gives you quick support if you need it.